Empowering Montgomery County, Ohio: The Mobile Workforce Unit is Back on the Road

Empowering Montgomery County, Ohio: The Mobile Workforce Unit is Back on the Road Main Photo

6 Dec 2023


Montgomery County, Ohio, is bringing workforce development to the streets with its Mobile Workforce Unit. This 38-foot Freightliner coach, brimming with state-of-the-art technology, is making a profound impact by extending valuable services to residents. This initiative equips job seekers with essential skills and polished resumes while acting as a crucial bridge connecting them with prospective employers.

Breaking Barriers with Mobile Workforce Services

This vehicle allows Montgomery County’s workforce development professionals to go outside the walls of The Job Center and take our services directly to those who need them. The Mobile Workforce Unit represents that investment. Everyone in Montgomery County should have the opportunity for a fulfilling career, and the Mobile Workforce Unit is one way to start making that a possibility.

The Mobile Workforce Unit extends the services offered at The Job Center on Edwin C. Moses Blvd. in Dayton, Ohio. These services encompass job opportunities, training grants from the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and workshops designed to help individuals craft winning resumes, execute effective job searches, and enhance their interviewing skills.

Addressing Montgomery County, Ohio’s, Workforce Needs

The catalyst for this innovative solution was the devastating tornadoes that struck the Dayton area in 2019. These events underscored the necessity of bringing services directly to the community. Montgomery County’s Workforce Development Department staff encountered displaced workers with limited access to essential resources like the internet, computers, and private spaces. Marvene Mitchell-Cook, Director of Montgomery County Workforce Development, envisioned the Mobile Workforce Unit and successfully secured funding.

A Mobile Workforce Center Designed for Success

The $386,298 Rapid Response grant funded the vehicle’s construction. Mitchell-Cook, explains, “The vehicle started as a rolling chassis. We customized every piece to fit our department’s and residents’ needs. It’s equipped with internet connections, lighting, a PA system, a climate control system, and a red door to match the Job Services door at The Job Center. This fully self-contained building is outfitted for everything we’ll need to get people into fulfilling careers.”

Montgomery County residents can access job opportunities through the Mobile Workforce Unit, apply for grants under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and participate in workshops to improve their resume-building skills, acquire new career expertise, master job searches, and enhance their interviewing abilities.

A Building Block for Economic Success in Montgomery County, Ohio

The Mobile Workforce Unit collaborates with various community partners and attends on-location hiring events sponsored by local businesses. Mitchell-Cook notes an additional benefit of the vehicle: “It acts like a huge billboard generating interest. People can’t help themselves. They have to come up and see what is going on.”

The Mobile Workforce Unit is a cornerstone of Montgomery County’s overarching strategy to foster future economic prosperity and reach underserved populations. To schedule a visit from the Mobile Workforce Unit, please fill out the request at least one month before your requested date. Discover more about the services offered through the Workforce Development Department, visit www.thejobcenter.org or call (937) 225-5627.

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