Celebrating Montgomery County, Ohio's Entrepreneurs: Fueling Local Prosperity During National Entrepreneurship Month

Celebrating Montgomery County, Ohio's Entrepreneurs: Fueling Local Prosperity During National Entrepreneurship Month Main Photo

27 Nov 2023


Entrepreneurs, innovative problem solvers, and the backbone of the U.S. economy constitute 99% of the small businesses employing Americans. The significance of entrepreneurship cannot be overstated; it is the lifeblood of our economy. These visionaries identify problems, develop solutions, and create answers.

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, are iconic examples of entrepreneurial spirit. 1903, they achieved the first powered, controlled, and sustained flight with their Wright Flyer in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This groundbreaking feat transformed aviation and left an indelible mark on people's lives.

The Wright Brothers' entrepreneurial approach, cultivated by their experience as business owners, revolutionized aviation by introducing key principles of controlled flight, including wing warping and a three-axis control system. These innovations laid the foundation for modern aviation and influenced aircraft design for years.

Their contributions led to developing practical and safe airplanes, paving the way for commercial aviation, military aircraft, and space exploration. The aviation industry burgeoned, connecting people and places like never before, making air travel a vital mode of transportation, and fostering global economic and cultural exchange.

The Wright Brothers' entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation altered the course of aviation history and transformed lives by making air travel accessible, safe, and efficient. Their legacy continues to impact society by enabling the convenience and global connectivity we enjoy in the modern world.

November: National Entrepreneurship Month

Established as a single day of celebration in 2010, National Entrepreneurship Month now spans the entire month and honors entrepreneurs' tireless efforts. National Entrepreneurship Day, observed annually on the third Tuesday of November, remains a focal point of this celebration.

In Montgomery County, Ohio, National Entrepreneurship Month is the ideal opportunity to welcome and acknowledge our local entrepreneurs. These individuals are community leaders whose innovative ideas contribute to the county's reputation as a hub for economic growth. We warmly embrace them and express our gratitude for choosing Montgomery County, where businesses benefit from speed-to-market opportunities, reduced risk, and greater affordability.

Benefits of Entrepreneurial Innovation Exemplified on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, observed on November 25, is a day to express heartfelt appreciation for Montgomery County's, Ohio's, small businesses and entrepreneurs. These local heroes bring residents joy and play a crucial role in bolstering the local economy.

The primary objective of Small Business Saturday is to increase small business revenue during the holiday shopping season. In 2022, American Express reported impressive figures: consumers spent approximately $17.9 billion on Small Business Saturday, showcasing robust support for local businesses.

One compelling statistic highlights the impact of shopping small: For every dollar spent at a small business in the United States, 68 cents remain in the local community.

Supporting Local Businesses in Montgomery County, Ohio

Small Business Saturday provides a unique opportunity for shoppers to show their support for local businesses during the holidays and throughout the year. Buying locally can help small business owners thrive, create jobs, and contribute to your community's economic well-being. Small business owners can also benefit from increased revenue during the holiday season by participating in this annual event.

Montgomery County, Ohio, celebrates small businesses and entrepreneurs who add character and vitality to our community. We invite community members to join us in shopping small and supporting local businesses on this special day and throughout the year.