Planning Commission

The Montgomery County Planning Commission serves as the platting authority for unincorporated township lands within the County.

About Us

We are the platting and subdivision authority for the unincorporated lands of Montgomery County, including responsibility for the review of proposed subdivisions of land within unincorporated townships. That process is based upon the Subdivision Regulations, and the County Thoroughfare Plan, which sets future road rights of way and standards for intersections and driveways.

Please see our Subdivision Regulation Frequently Asked Questions document for more information about the subdivision process.

The Planning Commission also offers advisory (non-binding) recommendations to township governments regarding proposed amendments of township zoning maps, or zoning texts. The Long Range Land Use Plan for unincorporated lands is consulted as a guide for these recommendations.

Finally, our staff is responsible for the assignment of new house and building numbers, and is the County liaison with the US Census.