Target Industries

Montgomery County is home to a very diverse group of industries. Below are a few industry sectors we are focusing on, not only because of their positioning for fast-paced growth, but because we have the regional ecosystem to sustain their continued growth in Montgomery County and the Dayton region.


Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA)

Dayton Region-Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA) promotes business development and identifies collaboration opportunities for companies in the Dayton Region and Israel.  Companies DRITA has worked with include Simlat Ltd., Projects Unlimited, Commuter Ads, Woosh Water Systems, and more.


Aerospace and MRO

Montgomery County's aerospace history begins with Orville and Wilbur Wright, who were born and raised in the Dayton region.  Our region’s aerospace manufacturing industry has been a backbone of our regional profile since.  With the recent growth and investments of PSA Airlines, infrastructure improvements to the Dayton International Airport (DAY) and our regional strength with airplane OEM manufacturing, we continue to grow invest and foster this important industry sector.

foreign direct investment

Foreign Direct Investment

Montgomery County's location, incentives, resource programs, and history of manufacturing excellence reduces risks for foreign and international investment.  We have a strong track record of working with multi-national, Fortune 500 companies to locate and grow their business in the Dayton region and can help them get their businesses up and running faster and cheaper than our competitors.  See the case studies we’ve created for Green Tokai Company, Fuyao Glass America, and Simlat Ltd.



Montgomery County is situated at the intersection of I-70 and I-75, which gives logistics and distribution companies incredibly fast and convenient access to 61% of the U.S. population, 63% of U.S. manufacturers, and 80% of U.S. corporate headquarters, all of which are within a 600-mile radius.  We have leveraged our geographic advantage to help businesses like P&G, Payless, Spectrum Brands, and many others, grow their distribution network and reduce costs.


Bioscience & Medical

The expanding healthcare ecosystem in the Dayton region has helped foster the growth of medical device manufacturers who see Dayton and Montgomery County as a place they can find talent, grow their business, and succeed.  Norwood Medical, X-Spine Systems, Gem City Engineering, and NuVasive all call the Dayton region "home."


Research & Technology

Montgomery County and the Dayton region have a spirit of innovation that goes back decades, and companies who invest in our region are locating their research, development, and innovationteams because they know they can build off that innovative drive.  They can also take advantage of the fresh, innovative minds, graduating out of the 42 regional higher education institutions within a 1-hour drive of Dayton.  The GE Aviation EPISCenter, Emerson Helix Innovation Center, Spectrum Brands, and many more have invested their research and development teams in Montgomery County.


Dayton Eats

Dayton has grown its food processing cluster over the past 100 years. From shelf-staple CPG to frozen cold chain packaging, our region offers an end-to-end supply chain and workforce advantage to ensure the food you’re making gets to your buyers with ease.