Sierra Nevada Corp. Leads the Way for Other MROs at the Dayton International Airport

Sierra Nevada Corp. Leads the Way for Other MROs at the Dayton International Airport Main Photo

16 Aug 2022


Aerospace design company Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC) is the latest to take advantage of Montgomery County’s work to establish the region as a hub for the aerospace industry, including aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities. 

The company is moving into the business development area around the Dayton International Airport, a dynamic hub for aerospace, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution in Montgomery County, Ohio. Sierra Nevada will join other companies there, such as Procter & Gamble, Spectrum Brands, Crocs, Chewy Inc., Purina Mills, and more.

The site was attractive to Sierra Nevada because of the easy access to critical supply chain infrastructure and Ohio’s status as one of the top aviation suppliers. From a construction standpoint, Dayton International Airport offers an existing ramp infrastructure, is relatively flat, and has easy access to utilities.

Sierra Nevada is currently constructing a hangar for MRO facilities at the airport. A minimum of 147 new jobs will be created, including A&P (airframe and power plant) mechanics, avionic technicians, engineering technicians, structural technicians, production planners, administrative and logistics staff, operations managers, warehouse managers, and more.

“Montgomery County remains strategically focused on diversifying the Dayton region’s economy,” said Erik Collins, Director of Community & Economic Development, Montgomery County Business Services. “MROs align perfectly with the county, state, and region’s economic development goals. Our efforts to align the region with the needs of the aerospace industry are paying off.”

The Dayton region has a rich history in aviation, starting with the Wright brothers building the world's first power-driven, heavier-than-air machine capable of free, controlled, and sustained flight in their Dayton, Ohio, bicycle shop.

“It is worth noting that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located just east of Dayton is the single largest employer in Ohio, providing jobs for 35,000 civilian and military personnel,” said Collins. “But here in Montgomery County, we are not resting on our past aviation successes. We are working towards innovating for the future. The County is prepared to pave the way for other aerospace companies and MROs with location assistance, customized incentives, and other services like we did for Sierra Nevada, which received a $200,000 grant towards construction.”

The Dayton region offers other crucial resources for the aviation sector, including research, advanced degrees, and workforce training. Research at the University of Dayton’s GE Aviation Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center (EPISCenter)  includes computer modeling, simulation, and analysis of advanced, dynamic electric power systems design and controls. UD graduate students work on design modeling and testing of aviation electrical systems alongside GE Aviation engineering teams. These collaborative efforts to develop new integrated electric power systems for aircraft will result in new jobs at the EPISCenter and the manufacturing facility in Montgomery County, where the R&D investment is returned as new products for GE. This hub of activity works to attract other companies to the region.

Sinclair College in Dayton offers one of the nation's most comprehensive aviation technology programs, including Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot and Unmanned Aerial Systems. Sinclair's bachelor's and associate degrees and technical certificate programs prepare graduates for careers as commercial fixed wing and helicopter pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, aviation managers, and unmanned aerial systems operators and technicians. 

Expanding workforce training for high school and adult learners for the aviation sector, among others, is underway at Miami Valley Career Technology Center. The five-year $158 million project covering 600,000 square feet is a nearly complete makeover of the school site, thanks to $28 million from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and property tax funds from a 2017 bond issue approved by voters. The facilities and curriculum will be improved for programs such as the one for aviation maintenance technicians.

Finally, the location advantages Dayton International Airport offers for companies expanding or relocating to its business development area are worth noting:

  • Over 500 acres zoned for development
  • Established infrastructure 
  • Sites readily available for MRO and aviation facilities
  • Potential qualification for grant incentives from city, county, and state
  • Airfield access and more than 80 acres of aircraft-able ramps
  • Deicing facilities for large aircraft
  • Existing hangar sites and room for future hangars
  • Designated as a United States Foreign Trade Zone

Montgomery County welcomes MROs and the aviation sector (as well as a host of other target industries). For help with starting, relocating, or expanding your business, explore, an information center designed to streamline development in Montgomery County. Contact us today! Follow Montgomery County on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.