Montgomery County (OH) Delivers Excellent Value For Israeli Companies Seeking U.S. Market Entry

Montgomery County (OH) Delivers Excellent Value For Israeli Companies Seeking U.S. Market Entry Main Photo

31 Mar 2023


The Dayton, Ohio, region is uniquely positioned for direct collaboration with Israeli companies. With a storied history of working with companies like Strix Drones ( and Simlat, Montgomery County continues to help Israeli businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive and costly business environment. This area remains a prime location for Israeli companies to open new offices or move production facilities. 

Montgomery County’s extensive collaboration with Israeli companies is exemplified by Simlat Ltd. Simlat Ltd. – a leading provider of next-generation software training solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Montgomery County facilitated an initial collaboration between Sinclair College and Simlat Ltd. through an economic development trade mission to Israel in 2008. With the Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA) assistance, Simlat Ltd. and Sinclair College have built an international collaboration integrating Simlat’s UAS Simulation & Training System into Sinclair’s National UAS Training and Certification Center. 

The 28,000-square-foot facility features a unique simulation lab with multiple student and instructor stations offering customized scenarios, performance assessments, training and research capabilities, and commercial applications such as simulation tools and training for first responders. The training center allows students enrolled in the UAS Program to gain experience in new UAS technology fields in a hands-on environment that mimics real-world scenarios. 

Why Simlat Ltd. Chose Montgomery County, Ohio

Speed to Market:
Montgomery County provided the location and access to the growing commercial UAS market utilizing existing facilities and infrastructure — allowing Simlat to enter the U.S. market and quickly establish necessary business relationships.

Reduced Risk:
Market understanding and access were critical for Simlat as the company searched for a location and technology partner in the U.S. Sinclair College and DRITA helped to cultivate regional partners in the United States.

Lower Costs:
Sinclair College, Montgomery County, and Simlat Ltd. developed a funding partnership model that maximized their assets and investments to bring Simlat’s unique UAS technology solutions to Sinclair College, Montgomery County, and the Dayton Region.

These are just a few benefits and resources companies experience in Montgomery County, Ohio. Check out our comprehensive list of benefits here.

Join Simlat Ltd. In Montgomery County, Ohio

With a well-thought-out industrial supply chain, convenient proximity to airports and transmodal facilities, and a reliable workforce, Montgomery County, Ohio, continues to be the ideal place for Israeli companies to expand. Israeli companies can gain a competitive edge by collaborating with the Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance and Montgomery County Economic Development Services. 

Your business could choose to operate on the east or west coast. However, those areas will have longer wait times for approval, be riskier investments, and drastically affect your bottom line. Montgomery County offers benefits that growing businesses need for success — more speed, less risk, and, most importantly, lower costs. Contact Gwen Eberly at 937-225-4351 or to learn more about locating in Montgomery County, Ohio!