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H7 Network is where business owners, service professionals, and the self-employed create personal networks of referral partners, trusted experts, and friends for life. Their mission is to improve the development of professional relationships, boost the results from those relationships, and unify professionals at a local level.

They believe no businessperson should have to “do business” alone. That’s why they have built an authentic community of over 1,000 business professionals with nearly 50 locations across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

With the H7 Network...

  • No more good-ole-boys-clubs
  • No more unwanted business cards shoved in your face
  • No more “meet the referral quota or you’re out” rules

H7 Network is...

  • A networking group for building real, authentic relationships that go beyond typical water cooler chatter
  • A forum for giving and receiving warm leads and new referrals to and from people you can trust
  • A resource for business professionals to learn—and implement—a new strategy every single week to grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams

Take a minute and check out the Meetings page (www.h7connect.com) for a meeting or event in your area. All meetings welcome visitors!

H7 Network currently have meetings in the following metro areas: Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southwest Indiana, Dayton, and Columbus.