CityWide Development Corporation

8 North Main Street • Dayton, OH 45402
United States
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CityWide develops programs and services to address Dayton’s need for economic growth and viable, attractive neighborhoods.

For many years, CityWide's core services have focused on providing gap financing to attract and expand business development in the Region; support development of large-scale neighborhood revitalization efforts; and engage in catalytic real estate development. CityWide achieves its mission through three major program areas: Economic Development, Community Revitalization, and Downtown Housing and Real Estate Development.

Economic Development Finance: CityWide provides business loans, incentive financing and solutiosn to businesses and deelopment projects that encourage the vitality of Dayton, Ohio and the Dayton region. CityWide's financing tools are designed to complement private sector lenders and investors, most often through providing subordinate debt, mezzanine financing, tax credit solutions, project management expertise, and development services for many project sizes and businesses.

Community Development: CityWide is a leader in the creation and implementation of comprehensive community development strategies and programs using real-time information, strategic partnerships, leveraged investments, and a mindfulness of sustainability.

Real Estate & Downtown Housing: The City of Dayton has identified specific challenges that can hinder development and are continuing to make civic investments and leveraging private efforts to facilitate revitalization. CityWide’s focus is the Downtown Housing Initiative. By working with partners and identifying current market conditions while seeking new creative sources of funding, we are taking the steps necessary to strengthen the marketplace and help shape projects that will advance the New Downtown