Montgomery County, Ohio to Celebrate Economic Development Week This May

Montgomery County, Ohio to Celebrate Economic Development Week This May Main Photo

5 May 2023


Montgomery County, Ohio, kicks off 2023 Economic Development Week on May 8th. Spring is the time of growth and renewal, and what better time to celebrate the tremendous economic development that has helped Montgomery County prosper? 

Each year, Economic Development Week (EDW) is celebrated to recognize economic developers and share information about how Montgomery County helps businesses build and expand. 

This week is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about the different economic development organizations (EDO) that contribute to the economic development of Montgomery County. Join us as we highlight and spread the word about the remarkable economic development activities in Montgomery County. 

Economic Development Week In Montgomery County, Ohio

Created by the International Economic Development Council in 2016, Economic Development Week helps increase awareness about local economic development programs. Whether the program produces job opportunities or improves a community’s overall quality of life, it is essential to regional growth. 

Economic development organizations like BusinessFirst! retention and expansion program in Montgomery County provides support for small businesses and other local economic contributors.

EDW offers an opportunity to celebrate the efforts of economic developers and the local leaders who work around the clock to boost the local economy and improve the quality of life of the community they serve. Montgomery County works to provide assistance and resources to local entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and international companies. Our efforts support the retention, expansion, and promotion of local businesses and regional workforce development. 

Montgomery County Is Here To Help Your Business Grow

The Montgomery County staff has significant experience working with local, national, and international businesses to provide services and resources to create a thriving community. We offer speed-to-market, risk-mitigation, and greater affordability than other potential sites. Our proven history of working collaboratively to get results is evident in the companies like Sierra Nevada Corporation, Cargill, and Simlat Ltd., which have chosen Montgomery County as their home. 

Creating new business opportunities is about finding the right people who are speed-to-market savvy. Montgomery County, Ohio, takes pride and is committed to helping businesses make informed decisions about locating to our region, ultimately leading to growth and increased business cash flows. Contact Montgomery County to learn more about the resources available and the many ways we can help.