Dayton, OH Ranks 9th Nationally in Employment Outlook for 2020

Dayton, OH Ranks 9th Nationally in Employment Outlook for 2020 Main Photo

18 Dec 2019

Economic Development

Resolved to land a new job in the new year? Although the U.S. economy is 110 consecutive months into its record-breaking stretch of job gains and the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, hiring among employers in some areas is projected to soften. But that’s no reason to become one of the 80% of Americans who let their New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. You just have to be savvy about where to look.

“The thing that’s interesting is we’re not seeing the largest economies—the New Yorks and the Los Angeleses—at the top,” says Michael Stull, senior vice president of ManpowerGroup North America, a Milwaukee-based global staffing firm. Each quarter, ManpowerGroup conducts an Employment Outlook Survey to get a sense of the hiring plans of employers in America’s 100 most populated metropolitan areas. When seasonally adjusted to remove the influences of recurring events such as holidays and school schedules, the report reveals a net employment outlook of 19% for the first quarter of 2020, a 1% decrease from both the first and final quarters of 2019...

...Of the four regions measured by ManpowerGroup—Midwest, Northeast, South and West—the South is projecting the greatest hiring prospects in the new year. But the Midwest isn’t far behind: Employers in this region are anticipating a seasonally adjusted net employment outlook of 21%, one percentage point higher year-over-year and the highest since 2001. As was the case in the South, the leisure and hospitality industry is propelling most of the hiring, its outlook at 32%, when seasonally adjusted. Unique to the Midwest, though, is a growing professional and business services sector, one with a seasonally adjusted net employment outlook of 30%..."

The Dayton region ranked 9th with +22% employment outlook, tied with San Francisco, Denver, Charlotte, and Grand Rapids.

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