Foreign Military Finance Seminar provides Dayton businesses with unique opportunity to sell products to Israel

Foreign Military Finance Seminar provides Dayton businesses with unique opportunity to sell products to Israel Main Photo

21 Oct 2019

This September, Dayton area businesses were invited to participate in a Foreign Military Finance Seminar that provided businesses with an opportunity to connect with the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) and develop a business relationship with IMOD in the process.

The relationship between Dayton’s regional businesses and the Israeli Government has been strong for several years.

“DRITA is a long-term partnership between Dayton, the Dayton Development Coalition, and Montgomery County. Its real purpose is to build business opportunities through engagement with Israel businesses and Dayton regional businesses.” - Ford Weber (City of Dayton Economic Development Director)

DRITA has a mission to help local businesses connect with Israeli Ministry of Defense representatives to provide the best locally sourced products, services, and technologies. This includes helping local businesses and vendors connect with Israeli businesses overseas to complement their needs. This not only helps the Israel Government; it also helps Dayton’s economy, as well as the U.S. economy.

“DRITA provides a lot of opportunities for local businesses. As most folks know, we live in a global economy today and the ability to easily check into that global economy and Israel is probably the biggest advantage of DRITA.” - Steve Nutt (Senior Vice President of CityWide)

Why Israel? Each year, the Israeli Government spends over two billion dollars in the United States, purchasing products and services from U.S. based companies. This leaves a lot of opportunities for Dayton region businesses to sell their services and products to the Israel Ministry of Defense. The Foreign Military Finance Seminar was organized to inform local businesses on how to do business with the Israeli government through seminars and one-on-one sessions with IMOD representatives.

Target industries of interest to IMOD included aerospace, advanced manufacturing, software and IT technology, UAS/Drones, ground-based military vehicles and systems, and defense/security.

During the seminar on September 5, 2019, local businesses learned what types of products, services, and technologies are needed by the Israel Ministry of Defense. Businesses and vendors were also walked through the easy process to become a vendor with the Israel Government. The event provided a unique opportunity for businesses to spend some one-on-one time with Israel representatives to inquire about their product needs.

Dayton’s legacy of innovation has proven that there is a great opportunity to fulfill the needs of the Israel government while helping local Dayton regional businesses.

To learn more about the Foreign Military Seminar and the collaboration between local Dayton businesses and the Israel Ministry of Defense, click here.