Montgomery County welcomes Amazon investment

Montgomery County welcomes Amazon investment Main Photo

12 May 2021

After an announcement by Amazon that a new distribution center will be developed near Dayton International Airport, Montgomery County officials offered support for the company.

“This is proof that our long-term economic development strategy is succeeding at creating a business-friendly region,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “We have invested, and will continue to invest, in infrastructure for both new and existing companies. These public investments reduce the risk of doing business in Montgomery County and makes large economic projects like Amazon a reality.”

Montgomery County committed $700,000 to the improvements currently under construction on U.S. 40 at the airport, part of a $12.6 million project to increase access to companies in the area and enhance safety.

“Manufacturers and e-commerce belong together in the Dayton Region, and this announcement paves the way to make that happen,” said Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. “Our Economic Development department helped Amazon navigate building permitting, which helps them get up and running quickly.”

The Montgomery County Commissioners also touted the region’s low cost of doing business as one of the reasons for recent business growth.

“Companies know the value of doing business in Montgomery County,” said Commissioner Carolyn Rice. “Besides affording them the opportunity to do business in this region at a lower cost than many other areas, we provide so much value for those costs, to include a strong workforce that can support Amazon, and we’re excited to welcome them.”

“Montgomery County has proven logistics credentials,” said Montgomery County Administrator Michael Colbert. “Our location at the I-70/75 interchange, with access to the airport, paired with an eager workforce makes this a perfect location for Amazon to grow. Montgomery County residents and our neighbors will benefit from the thousands of jobs Amazon will bring, which means more prosperity for our people.”

Montgomery County is committed to building the workforce to continue the expansion of the local economy. The county provides grants of up to $15,000 for eligible individuals to complete training in industries with a high demand. Programs for businesses also aim to strengthen the workforce. Project Hire can reimburse up to 50 percent of eligible employees’ wages while they’re being trained in a new job. The Incumbent Worker Training program can also reimburse up to 90 percent of certain trainings for a company’s existing employees.

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