Emergency Rental Assistance Program Launched by Montgomery County Ohio

Emergency Rental Assistance Program Launched by Montgomery County Ohio Main Photo

20 Apr 2021


Montgomery County has a new program to provide relief for rental expenses that have become a hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is still a strong need in our community for help with rent,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “So many people are still struggling because of this pandemic, and they should not need to worry about having a roof over their heads. We’re grateful for this funding, and we will work diligently to make sure it gets to those who need it.”

As part of an emergency COVID-19 relief bill passed in December 2020, Montgomery County received nearly $16 million from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to help individuals and families with their rent costs. Funds can be used to help cover up to 12 months of back rent, and up to three months of future rental expenses. 

To be eligible, one or more individuals in the household must:

  • Have qualified for unemployment benefits or attest by writing that they have experienced financial hardship due to the pandemic
  • Be at risk of becoming homeless (past due rent, eviction notice, or unsafe or unhealthy living conditions)
  • Have a household income below 80 percent of area median income 

While households with incomes below 80 percent of area median income are eligible — $60,550 for a household of four — priority will be given to households with incomes below 50 percent of area median income — $37,850 for a household of four. Income determination will be based on either 2020 household income or current monthly income at the time of application. A detailed chart with income thresholds can be found here. Priority will also be given to those who are unemployed and have been unemployed for 90 days or more.

To Apply

The county is working with United Way of the Greater Dayton Area to take initial applications. To apply, call the United Way Helplink at 211. Montgomery County will be working with other partners to process applications for those in need. Catholic Social Services, Goodwill Easter Seals, Homefull, and the Salvation Army will each help individuals through the application process.


Current COVID-19 public health updates can be found here, including vaccine updates, resource hotlines, and guidance for what to do if you are sick.

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