How Libraries Bridge the Employment Gap

22 Oct 2018

Government and community leaders meet in Ohio

A five-person panel of Ohio community leaders explored employment issues August 9 during “Libraries Educate Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Careers,” an event organized by four Ohio library partners and the American Library Association (ALA).

The discussion—which focused on libraries as an essential component in creating, sustaining, and retaining a viable workforce—brought together leaders from all levels of government and community nonprofits.

The program took place at Rakuten OverDrive headquarters in Cleveland and was cosponsored by Cleveland Public Library, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Ohio Library Council, and ALA. It is the first in an upcoming series of local events organized by ALA and hosted in collaboration with libraries and library businesses across the country.

US Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) opened the event by identifying one of the biggest employment issues facing her constituents.

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