Save Time and Money by Doing Business in Montgomery County

23 Apr 2018

Montgomery County, OH is on a mission to make it easier to do business. We are focused on the Speed/Risk/Cost model. More Speed = moving quickly at the business’ pace.  Less Risk = we have to lower the company’s risk of doing business by eliminating barriers and issues. Lower Cost = Doing business in our region is cheaper than other places.

Many companies are already realizing the benefits of locating here. For example, Spectrum Brands, a producer of brand names including Armor All, STP, and A/C Pro, built a 570,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility, and combined their research and development to reduce their overall distribution network costs and get to their customers more quickly. Treble One is another example. As an aerospace consulting company, they have chosen to grow their business in Montgomery County, Ohio because of location, cost-effectiveness, and access to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. You can read more case studies here or click here to learn more about how Montgomery County, Ohio is making it easier to do business.