Ally Military Collaborative Promotes Economic Growth in the Greater Dayton Region

26 Oct 2020

In Montgomery County, Ohio, developing partnerships and opportunities for collaboration is at the core of economic development initiatives. These connections foster working relationships among fellow business leaders — and with organizations outside of our county, state and country. 

Take for example the Foreign Military Finance (FMF) Program, a unique offering provided by the Israel Ministry of Defense (MOD) that provides local businesses opportunities to market their products and materials. Organizations can also hear from an Israeli defense company looking to partner with U.S. suppliers and manufacturers, expanding their reach and securing recognition outside of the Dayton Region.

“Collaboration among resource partners propels and fuels economic growth within our community, and we’re proud to partner with DRITA, the City of Dayton and Dayton Development Coalition to make programs like these available to local businesses,” said Erik Collins, director at Montgomery County Community and Economic Development. 

Each year, MOD uses U.S.-provided security assistance to purchase over $3 billion worth of products and services in the United States. Half of these purchases are made directly from American businesses and we want to see more of those secured solely in the Dayton Region. 

Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA) is hosting an informational webinar for those looking to engage with the FMF program, and this year’s event will take place virtually on Wednesday, October 28 from 10 a.m. to noon. Attendees will hear from industry experts — including Israeli defense firm Ashot Ashkelon — on the success of this program, current technological or supply needs and how to effectively partner with the Israeli government. One-on-one meetings are also available to organizations looking to discuss their product offerings in greater detail. 

“This event is ideal for businesses within the aerospace, advanced manufacturing, software technology and defense and security industries,” said Collins. “We’re excited for the variety of growth opportunities that lie ahead, both for our local businesses and collaborative partners in Israel.”

Companies of any size are invited to attend this webinar, and vendor registration through IMOD is available before, during and after the event. Register today by emailing Gwen Eberly.