Pivoting Success: Dayton Region Manufacturers Association Hosts Virtual Manufacturing Day

30 Sep 2020

It’s no secret that annual events look much different in 2020 as conferences, networking opportunities and trainings take the virtual stage. While some organizations see this as a setback, the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA) presses on in their mission of enhancing the manufacturing industry’s talent pipeline. 

The first Friday in October is known as Manufacturing Day, a national initiative aimed at showcasing the numerous career opportunities available to high school students upon graduation. DRMA —a membership-based organization for Dayton manufacturers — has partnered with local facilities to host educational site tours since the event's conception in 2012. Their efforts have reached more than 4,700 students and educators across 64 schools. 

For 2020, DRMA is taking a different approach in providing this educational event, but their primary focus remains tried and true. 

“Throughout COVID-19, the manufacturing industry has remained stable,” said Kayla Manuel, program coordinator for DRMA. “Now more than ever, we want to show students the industry’s wide range of career opportunities, from engineering and project management to entry level assembly and human resources.”   

Beginning on October 2, students will have access to virtual site tours, highlighting seven manufacturing facilities throughout the Dayton Region. Each video is designed to showcase different career paths available as well as provide an inside look at production lines. Employees at these local companies will also make an appearance, sharing their experiences within the industry and the skills needed to jumpstart your career. 

DRMA has partnered with Junior Achievement to ensure educators have the necessary tools to facilitate conversations around manufacturing with impacted students. Live Q&A sessions via Zoom or Google Meets are also available upon request for classrooms eager to learn more. 

“The schools involved in Manufacturing Day have strong relationships with our manufacturers, and we want to continue forming these connections as much as possible,” said Manuel. 

Manufacturing Day might look different this year, but organizations such as DRMA continue to drive economic growth in our community by educating the next generation of talented minds. If you’re interested in viewing these on-site facility tours, join our local schools on Friday, October 2 by visiting www.makingohio.com.