Montgomery County Businesses Transform Operations to Combat COVID-19 and Empower Workforce

3 Jun 2020


By: Erik Collins


In times of uncertainty, finding innovative solutions to business challenges can be difficult. 

COVID-19 is no exception, as it has forever altered industry operations around the world. 


Dayton-area businesses saw these challenges as opportunities to hit the ground running and pivot to new business strategies — allowing them to serve consumers beyond our county lines. 


While successful transitions to COVID-19 operations are being demonstrated on a daily basis throughout the Dayton region, a few standout examples collectively showcase Montgomery County's resiliency. Read more to learn how a handful of local businesses and organizations shifted operations to accommodate the growing needs surrounding a global pandemic. 


Shifting Production Lines  

For more than 80 years, Vandalia-based LION has been a leading manufacturer of innovative, life-saving technology, developing products for groups such as the military and firefighters. 


In response to COVID-19, the company stuck to what it does best — personal protective equipment (PPE). In a short amount of time, manufacturing lines shifted to producing chemical and biological protective garments to support frontline workers and essential personnel. 


Taking an Innovative Approach

Battle Sight Technologies is known throughout the community for its commitment to producing quality products to keep military personnel and first responders safe. Their product line includes CrayTac®, a pressure-activated chemiluminescence writing instrument. With special application in no-light and low-light environments, the low-waste product offers communications capabilities invisible to the enemy.


In an effort to keep their specialized workforce on the payroll, the veteran-owned company used in-house equipment to assemble more than 4,000 bottles of hand sanitizer — rearranging their business model in only three days. Product was provided to local frontline heroes and sold to businesses in need. 


Supporting Locally-Owned Businesses

Aware of the effects COVID-19 would have on small businesses across the Dayton Region, the CareSource Foundation and Downtown Dayton Partnership supplied funding through their REOPEN Downtown Dayton Grant


Available to locally-owned restaurants, retailers and personal service businesses, this grant provided $700,000 in immediate relief. Recipients are able to use these earnings to pay rent and utility expenses while also keeping their workforce on the payroll. 


Virtual Tours of Local Attractions

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is a beloved attraction in Montgomery County, garnering visitors near and far to soak up the rich history of aviation and innovation. 


Before COVID-19, the museum had already offered virtual tour options as a method of showcasing exhibits to potential visitors. Closures across the country prompted the museum to enhance their virtual tour options, with additions including virtual reality capabilities, educational resources and video content one can stream 24/7. 


Bringing the Classroom into the Home

Understanding the need for entertainment in homes across the county, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and F&S School and Office Supplies found alternative methods in providing educational resources to their target audiences. 


Additionally, Kettering supply store owner, Peter Hensley, continues to provide products via phone orders to parents in need of school supplies while the local museum airs science-based programming three times a day. These efforts are keeping children engaged in their scholastic endeavors — anytime, anywhere. 


No matter the circumstance, Montgomery County’s businesses remain committed to serving the broader community and beyond. To read more about the county’s response to COVID-19, visit