JobsOhio’s Five-Year Aspirations (2019-2023)

14 Mar 2019

Independent performance assessment guides JobsOhio strategy

In order to continue offering best-in-class service to companies, JobsOhio dedicated a portion of 2018 looking inward at its performance since 2013, highlighting where its model is working while looking for opportunities to chart further progress over the next five years. As part of this analysis, JobsOhio hired McKinsey & Company to conduct an independent performance assessment (IPA) of its performance and operating model, which was published in June 2018. The IPA posed strategic questions that JobsOhio should address, specifically:

  • What larger investments can offset some of the headwinds facing Ohio’s economy?
  • What strategic initiatives (within target industries and cross-cutting
  • areas) are needed to meet critical
  • customer needs?
  • How can JobsOhio use its flexible and well-resourced platform to creatively attract more innovative companies to Ohio aligned with strategic priorities?

Using these questions as a prompt, McKinsey worked hand-in-hand with the JobsOhio strategy team, JobsOhio Network, and partners to identify new five-year aspirations for the Ohio economy and how JobsOhio – as the lead economic development organization for the state – can enable them across the nine targeted industries.

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