How Montgomery County ED/GE funding drives economic development

13 Feb 2019

In the Dayton region, one of the most significant drivers of economic development is the Montgomery County ED/GE program.

ED/GE, which stands for economic development and government equity, was founded in the early 1990s as a new tool to make the county more competitive and enhance cooperation among local jurisdictions. It has been renewed twice since then, surviving an economic downturn that caused many other non-essential programs to fall by the wayside. Another 10-year renewal is expected to be approved at the end of this year.

In 2018, the ED/GE program funded 15 projects that totaled $254.3 million in investment, including 1,273 new jobs and 780 retained positions. Over the past decade, ED/GE has funded 138 projects, helping leverage $961.2 million in investment, more than 7,000 new jobs and over 9,300 retained positions.

These investments were spread across every area of Montgomery County, though the northeast portion saw the most activity with 45 projects. The type of industry each company represented was also diverse, ranging from manufacturing and logistics to aerospace, biomedical and defense.

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