CEO: West Carrollton has ‘largest and most advanced’ spinal factory

CEO: West Carrollton has ‘largest and most advanced’ spinal factory Main Photo

21 Sep 2018


The chairman and chief executive of NuVasive Inc., Greg Lucier, on Wednesday declared the company’s West Carrollton facility the “largest and most advanced spine medical device factory in the world.”

The plant on Liberty Lane is also “the finest factory I have ever been associated with,” Lucier said.

The plant is a former Motoman robotics factory. In 2013, NuVasive acquired ANZ Manufacturing, which led to the acquisition of a site in Fairborn off Xenia Drive. That was an early step in the opening of the West Carrollton plant.

Then NuVasive leaders decided to have the company perform more of its own manufacturing.

“We looked at doing it outside the United States, honestly,” the CEO said. “We looked at different states other than Ohio.”

West Carrollton was just chosen some 18 months ago, and today, there are 135 employees at the site, with 100 still in Fairborn, waiting to be transferred to West Carrollton by year’s end, said Suzanne Hatcher, a spokeswoman for NuVasive. And there are still 35 job openings to fill.

In 2016, the Montgomery County Commissioners awarded a $350,000 ED/GE grant to the City of West Carrollton for the NuVasive project.  Working together collaboratively with NuVasive and community partners provided the support the company needed to stay in the Dayton region, retain and create hundreds of jobs, and support future development.

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