Big data’s future is in Ohio

5 Sep 2018

For over a decade, a common refrain in the corporate world was that data was exploding and companies needed the capacity to capture that data. As the challenges of data capture have been more or less mitigated, the next challenge has become how to get value out of that data. Between 2015 and the end of 2017, the use of big data analytics grew nearly 40 percent among companies surveyed, according to Dresner Advisory Services, while big data software and services revenues will reach $42 billion this year, and more than $100 billion by 2027.

Today, an ever-growing number of solutions are creating opportunities to utilize data for business, science, and technology breakthroughs in ways we’d never imagined.  And if you look closely, you’d see that in no place is that more evident than in Ohio, with its growing big data sector.

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