Israeli company growing its UAS business in Dayton, attracting other int'l investments to region

Israeli company growing its UAS business in Dayton, attracting other int'l investments to region Main Photo

13 Aug 2018


An Israeli company doing business in the Dayton region since 2015 continues to grow its own footprint in the region while facilitating new connections between the two countries.

Simlat, a global provider of next-generation training solutions for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), first caught wind of the Dayton region in 2012 through the Dayton Region Irsael Trade Alliance (DRITA), said Simlat President Yuval Peshin. He met Deb Norris, Sinclair's former vice president of workforce development, County Administrator Joe Tuss and DRITA Coordinator Pam Fannin about five years ago in a business delegation to Israel.

After ongoing meetings and discussions, and a Simlat visit to Sinclair Community College, the company partnered with Sinclair in 2014-15 to bring a UAS Training and Simulation Lab to the school’s National UAS Training and Certification Center.

“It was a great decision for both parties,” Peshin said.

By 2016, Simlat opened a Miamisburg office on Innovation Drive. It's currently hiring for a "pressing" software engineer position, with more jobs coming in the future.

Peshin said Sinclair’s center is the “one of the most advanced UAS training centers in the world,” with a high level of technology, innovation and personnel.

Simlat's UAS Training and Simulation Lab is loaded with industry-leading simulation systems and multiple student and instructor stations. The software and technology offers customized scenarios, performance assessments, training research capabilities and commercial applications.

Both Simlat and Sinclair personnel collaborate to test and further refine the technology, said Andrew Shepherd, PhD, Sinclair’s executive director and chief scientist, Unmanned Aerial Systems.

“We take their feedback seriously and they have a good vision,” Peshin said. “They are capable users of our newest products.”

Peshin said Simlat often refers potential customers to Sinclair’s national center for training, such as Live, Virtual, Constructive exercises using the Sim Lab. Peshin said there are a growing number of UAS applications across all types of organizations; commercial, civil, government and military.

“They help us grow our business,” said Jeffrey Miller, chief operating officer, UAS at Sinclair.

Peshin said of Sinclair's success: "(Sinclair) is innovative and professional, aligned with a clear roadmap made by their excellent leadership."

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