Why the JobsOhio Model Works

30 May 2018

With a unique business model, JobsOhio operates unlike any other state economic development organization.

JobsOhio has a unique business model. Unlike other state economic development organizations, JobsOhio is a nonprofit company that has a private funding stream and an independent board of directors. This structure is designed for continuity and long-term stability.

Unique Model

In 2013, JobsOhio acquired Ohio's liquor enterprise to fund economic development activities. Private funding gives JobsOhio a competitive advantage because it enables us to make long-term commitments. This flexibility also allows JobsOhio to respond quickly to the needs of businesses and communities, providing customized solutions. As a business, JobsOhio focuses on strategic investments to ensure that every project provides direct benefit to the state. It invests funds in projects that will have a positive impact on Ohio promising long-term, in-state growth and good-paying jobs for Ohioans.

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