The Aerospace Industry is Flying High in Montgomery County

7 May 2018

Montgomery County, Ohio is home to aerospace innovation and research. With a central location, Dayton and Montgomery County are an ideal base for anyone in or serving the aerospace industry. We place a high value on educational training and are proud of the work being done at Sinclair College. Sinclair College’s National UAS Training and Certification Center is located in Dayton and it is the first credentialed UAS program in the country.

Aerospace businesses receive significant support in Montgomery County, as do all of our businesses. For example, when PSA Airlines needed a new hangar facility to accommodate their extensive growth, the city, airport, regional partners, and Montgomery County Economic Development worked together to build a 77,000 square foot hangar adjacent to their existing operations control center.  To read more about this regional effort to help one of our existing businesses grow, see our Case Study.

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