Dayton Tech Guide

4035 Colonel Glenn Highway • Dayton, OH 45431
United States
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Dayton Tech Guide is a Hitchhiker's Guide to Dayton Tech & Startups.

Find connections, technology, services, funding, events, networking, and more!

Think Dayton might just be the perfect home for your new technology? We invite you to use this "Hitchhiker's Guide" as a tool and a resource to help you explore our tech and startup opportunities and get connected.

This "Hitchhiker's Guide" is an early step in building a stronger tech & startup ecosystem and fostering that culture here in Dayton, O. This guide will never be complete because as our community continues to grow and get stronger, this guide will grow with it. If you know of any new or missing opportunities to expand our community, please let us know!


Dayton Tech Guide Map of the Dayton Tech & Startup Ecosystem