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451 West Third Street, 10th Floor
Dayton, Ohio 45422-1070
Phone: (937) 225-4622
Fax: (937) 225-6327

Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM, Monday - Friday

Public Parking is available in the County Garage accessed off of Second Street.

We serve…

  • The citizens and users of buildings in many of the jurisdictions in Montgomery County, including all of the townships and several of the cities and villages.

We enforce…

  • Building codes for new construction, additions, alterations, and changes in the way buildings are used.  We also enforce flood damage prevention regulations, and airport zoning around the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

We work with…

  • Local zoning and fire departments
  • Public Health – Dayton and Montgomery County
  • Many other state and local agencies involved in specific aspects of building construction and use approval, such as daycare licensing, public swimming pools, elevators, boilers, etc.

We investigate…

  • Building damage due to fire, vehicle impacts, wind, flood, etc.
  • Work done on, or occupancy of, buildings without required approvals or inspections

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New Credit Card, E-Check/ACH Payment Portal

Montgomery County Building Regulations is excited to announce the release of a new credit card and Echeck/ACH payment portal through our partnership with Point & Pay.   Effective January 4, 2021, our online payment options are expanding to include debit card, credit card and Echeck payment options. 

The following service fees will be applied to each transaction through the new payment portal.

Credit/Debit Cards: 2.30% with a minimum service charge of $2.00 per transaction.

Echecks/ACH: $0.50 per transaction

The new online payment portal will allow entry of multiple items in a single transaction. What this means is that customers can complete payments for more than one permit or item in a single transaction and the service fee will be applied to the transaction – Echeck’s are only $0.50 per transaction and credit/debit cards would be calculated per the 2.30% minimum $2.00 transaction criteria.  Please follow this link to visit the new payment portal: Make Online Payment.

How to respond to COVID-19 questions from places of public assembly

In response to safe re-opening protocols for restaurants, night clubs, bars, and similar places of public assembly, we’ve established the following guidance:

  • Seating is reduced to 50 percent of the approved occupant load.
    • If the approved occupant load isn’t known:
      • Check with fire or building departments to see if they have the approved maximum occupant load on file.
      • If no Certificate of Occupancy is available, then either the fire department or the building department can assist in coming up with a temporary calculation using charts in OBC Chapter 10, and then dividing the resulting answer in half for the 50% capacity rule.

(Building department contacts in Montgomery County are in our web directory: http://www.selectmcohio.com/building/contact-us-and-partner-agencies )

  • If seating re-arranged and/or temporary divider separations are installed:
    • Dividers must not make exit paths narrower or more confusing to navigate.
    • Dividers must be at least six-feet tall, but must also be least 24 inches down from the ceiling. 
    • Dividers must be of acceptable materials and not be permanently installed.  Hanging plastic sheets or shower curtains may be questioned regarding fire safety if the quantity is too great or if the flamespread risk is too high.  
      • The amount of combustible decorative materials suspended from walls or ceilings is limited per the Ohio Building Code, Section 806. 
      • There is no limit on the amount of suspended non-combustible decorative materials as long as they do not obscure the exit path.

If fire departments can review and inspect these temporary modifications to existing approved facilities, no building permits will be required from Montgomery County.  Otherwise, contact us for further guidance.  More elaborate or unusual modifications may require new building permits.

County building permit fee waivers ending May 31

Anyone needing permits for rebuilding projects from the tornadoes is welcome to apply to the Building Regulations office before the May 31 deadline to take advantage of these waivers. On June 1st permit applications will not be processed without the payment of the appropriate fees per the current fee schedule.

The Building Regulations office is currently closed for in-person visits, but applications and plans can be submitted via mail or package delivery service to:

Montgomery County Building Regulations
451 W. Third St., 10th floor
Dayton, Ohio 45422

Electronic project submission

We have started a prototype program for submitting one-, two- or three-family residential projects electronically. This program allows you to submit drawings and plan changes via email. Every submittal must be a flattened PDF (no layers) and must be accompanied by a completed Residential Application Form or a Supplemental Document Submittal form.  The email address is eplanreview@mcohio.org.

Fee payments can be made by mailing a check or using our electronic Online Payment portal, but for new submittals, you will need to wait until our Permit Clerk has validated the submittal and assigned it a “Case Number” (once the project is approved, that will be referred to as a Permit Number).

You are welcome to call our office for more information.


Montgomery County Building Regulations office has re-opened.

Montgomery County Building Regulations office has re-opened the main counter to in-person services for the public to apply for permits, pick up approved documents, and conduct records research.  Our counter hours are 8 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

We have placed limits on the number customers permitted in the lobby area, installed protective barriers at the main counter, and have increased separate work stations for customers to complete any paperwork. We ask that you be patient with us as we improve our processing and provide a safe environment for all.  Staff wear masks when not in their personal offices, and we encourage visitors to also wear masks when visiting our offices.