STEP 1  Prepare your submittal for email submission.

  • Flatten layers and  deselect font embedment, then save at designed drawing size and scale, at 300 dpi
  • Turn off color, unless you intend to print the final approved drawings in color
  • Please help us navigate your plans by creating bookmarks identifying each sheet.
  • All documents, including the application package, and any specs or cut sheets must saved as a single file.  The only exception is for very large submittals, (such as one's you'd submit as separate bound sets).
  • Large sets must be saved as separate files for each trade disciplines, such that no one file exceeds 50 MB size.

Step 2 - Prepare appropriate application and code note forms

  • Download the appropriate documents per the choices offered below.
  • Have them signed by the applicant and the designer as indicated on the forms.
  • After you have filled out and signed the forms, make sure you flatten the them (combine all layers into one) and save them as such. Otherwise you will end up sending us blank forms.
  • Include signed copies in the the digital file you prepared, organized to be the first documents in the plan submittal package.

Step 3 - Submit your application and documents through our OnBase Electronic Plan Review portal

  • When you are ready to submit your documents to OnBase E-Submittal, click here.
  • You will recieve a notification from us shortly thereafter acknowledging receipt of your submittal, and directing you to the payment portal to pay the required up-front fees
  • Once we receive notification that the fees have been paid, we will put the project in line for review.

For detailed plans preparation instructions, click here  [NOT ACTIVE YET]

To pay for your plans visit here:  


General Construction

Commercial General Construction of New Work, Additions, and Alterations

For Commercial projects (work regulated by the Ohio Building Code), download and fill out the Commercial Application Form, parts A, B, and C.  Note that part C, the Code Analysis Summary, must be signed by the designer of record.  Also download, complete, and sign the Standard Code Notes form. 

If your project is designed to accomodate high piled storage, also fill out and submt the High Piled Storage Questionnaire.  If the size of the building will accomodate high piled storage, but the owner says that is not intended, have the owner sign the High Piled Storage Waiver.  Scan all signed forms and add them to the beginning of the construction documents file that you are submitting for plan review.  Merge all into one file for submittal.

Residential General Construction for New, Addition, Alteration, or Footing/Foundation only, Fireplace or Retaining Wall

Residential General Construction for New, Addition, Alteration, or Footing/Foundation only, Fireplace or Retaining Wall.

Demolition of Entire Building

Will your commercial development need signage?

Sign submittal information here:


  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Etc.


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Montgomery County Development Services

other projects

void - Commercial General Construction for New or Alteration of Tower or Retaining Wall


Commerical or Residential HVAC - New Work, Additions, or Alterations


Commercial Electric Service, Alteration or Repair