SPGlobal Inc. Creates $10M Business Development Fund for Dayton Region

Friday, December 15, 2017

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SP Global Inc. president Dan Tolley said a fund has been established to "provide comprehensive support to small businesses promoting business and economic development throughout the region."

“SP Global, Inc. is pleased to partner with The Entrepreneur’s Center and other area organizations, including the Air Force Research Laboratory, to find pockets of innovation and to work with committed individuals and teams to strategically enhance their hard work and help get their technologies to market more efficiently," Tolley said.

Although the firm is based in Chantilly, SP Global also has an office in Riverside at 5200 Springfield St. The company's mission is "to identify and support the growth of Societal Enhancement Technology Solutions – technology solutions that help improve people’s lives while making communities stronger and more resilient."

The industries SP Global serves include cyber defense and security; GIS consulting, services, and training; and disaster response planning.

For more information visit the Dayton Business Journal's article.

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