Montgomery County has an abundance of natural resources, most notably a renewable water source. The Stillwater, the Mad, and the Great Miami Rivers converge in the county. Unlike many parts of the U.S., this region is drought-free and welcomes water-intensive business to share in this abundant resource. The region has more than 6,000 miles of rivers and streams to recharge a vast, 1.5 trillion gallon buried valley aquifer. Additionally, the groundwater provides a valuable source of geothermal energy that can reduce heating and cooling costs.

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Since 1917, Montgomery County Water Services serve to provide water pollution control and water services to more than 250,000 citizens and businesses in Montgomery County.

24-Hour Emergency Number: (937) 781-2678
Customer Service & Billing: (937) 781-2688

Report a Water Quality Concern: (937) 781-2666

The Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District works to solve soil and water conservation problems in the county by providing technical services free of charge.