The HomeOwnership Center

Business Category: Community Development

130 West 2nd Street

Suite 1420

Dayton, OH 45402
United States

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The HomeOwnership Center is proud to be a program of County Corp. As a member of the County Corp family of organizations, we are focused on promoting sustainable homeownership in the Greater Dayton Area.

The HomeOwnership Center is dedicated to empowering people to achieve and sustain homeownership and financial success. The HomeOwnership Center takes their role as advisors seriously, understanding that decisions about mortgages are among the most important that people will make.

They offer a wide range of services to ensure that our clients have the information and guidance they need, including:

  • Homebuyer classes
  • Coaching
  • Down payment assistance
  • Financial education
  • Mortgage advice
  • Getting your mortgage back on track
  • Reverse mortgage counseling