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TennecoChooses to Expand

Montgomery County is focused on helping local businesses expand, in addition to recruiting new corporations. We engage the business community, identify specific businesses’ needs, and assemble resources to achieve their goals. This success includes building incentive packages and workforce training solutions based on the number of jobs companies bring to Montgomery County or the overall investment they are planning.

Tenneco, a company manufacturing struts and shock absorbers for passenger vehicles, is already a major employer in Montgomery County. They have recently chosen to expand here. According to Montgomery County Commissioner Deborah Lieberman, “We were able to quickly respond to the company’s needs, lowering their cost, and offer a location that allows optimal access to their customers.” This included the County offering Tenneco a $500,000 grant that will go toward improving the infrastructure near the plant. State incentives are also on the table, though the final numbers have not been released. Offering incentives was an important step in competing for the expansion project since Tenneco was in the process of deciding which plants to expand and which ones to close. By choosing to expand operations in Kettering, they will be closing plants in Ontario and Georgia, demonstrating how critical it is for Montgomery County to actively compete for business expansion projects.

With this recent decision, Tenneco will be investing a total of $61.5 million in Kettering. According to Greg Gorsuch, the City of Kettering’s Economic Development Manager, this investment will create 300 jobs that will pay an average of $20 per hour. This investment is the culmination of a joint effort between the City of Kettering and Montgomery County with assistance from the State of Ohio and the Dayton Development Coalition.

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